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Rachel Kohls

Rachel Kohls is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and also has her CrossFit Kids certification . Rachel graduated from Martin Luther College in 2010 with a B.S. in Education which included courses in Psychology of Learning, Human Growth and Development, Foundation of Physical Education, Fitness for Life, Principals of Coaching, and more. After graduating college, Rachel dabbled in many different types of fitness before starting CrossFit in 2015. Through CrossFit, Rachel developed an appreciation for progressive overload, proper movement patterns, olympic weightlifting, and being part of a fitness community. After competing in multiple local CrossFit competitions, and realizing how much fitness has changed her life, Rachel decided to help others with their fitness journeys. Rachel is looking forward to help you achieve your fitness and sports performance goals!

Jesse Kohls

Jesse Kohls is a certified NASM Nutrition Coach. Jesse graduated from Martin Luther College in 2011 with a B.S. in Education with a Physical Education and Coaching emphasis which included courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Sports Nutrition, Personal Health, Coaching Theory, Psychology of Human Growth and Development, and many more. As a lifelong athlete Jesse has always had a passion for athletic excellence and performance/nutrition optimization. Jesse has personally used many different nutritional plans in the past including Zone, IIFYM, Velocity Diet, Renaissance Periodization, Paleo, Carb Cycling, etc. Jesse's formal education alongside his personal journey with many different nutritional plans gives him great perspective when working with his clients. Jesse is currently using a self-designed carb cycling nutrition plan aimed at maximal fat loss while keeping workout performance high and maintaining muscle/strength. 

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Being Consistent Was My Issue

I truly appreciate Jesse Kohls. I went to him with a goal in mind due to a new position at work and without hesitation he went to work. Not only did he write me a nutritional plan, hebut he provided a workout plan also. He has been nothing less than professional and knowledgeable. He checks in with me daily and is never discouraging. The plan that he wrote for me is truly tailored to me and my lifestyle which makes it sustainable. Unlike nutritionists who I used in the past he took the time to learn my habits and things I the point of respecting my religious preference of honoring the Sabbath and allowing Friday to be my high calorie day/cheat day. I would highly reccomend him and his services whether you are experienced or a beginner. His plan not only gets you to your goal, but changes your lifestyle and is sustainable for a better you in all areas of your life. I never struggled with working out, but being consistent was my issue. His plan was tailored to me to the point where I had no choice, and helped me be consistent even through the holidays. 

Mykeal H.

The Gym


Private home gym located in Rowlett, Texas. Power rack (Westside hole spacing), squat stand, pull-up bars, male and female barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, plyo boxes, bands, chains, dip bar, dip belt, belts, pvc pipes, foam rollers, yoga mats, sit-up mat, bench, prowler/sled, sandbag, jump ropes, rubber flooring, bumper plates, GHD machine, reverse hyper, trap-bar, wall ball, 20lb training barbell, Assault Bike, chalk, whiteboard, stereo.   

Rowlett, Texas

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